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The Old Man at the End of the World- AK Silversmith

OMG! What a fun little read! As a fan of dry, British humor and zombies, this novella is the perfect read for me!

As always, I appreciate a unique zombie tale and as a huge fan of the movie Shaun of the Dead, this novella was a real treat.

The Old Man at the End of the World: Bite 1 (Release Date: February 16, 2017) 68 pgs

Gerald Stockwell-Poulter couldn’t help but feel it was extraordinary just how quickly his life had changed. One moment he was earthing up leeks in the West Sussex sunshine and the next he was rooted to the spot as Rodney Timmins from the end allotment ambled towards him, arms outstretched, blood pouring from a hole in his neck and a look in his eye which suggested that he was less after help and more after a helping of Gerald.

Now, as…

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