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blood ties

Blood Ties, Love Binds by Alexa Whitewolf 

Publication Date: September 5th, 2018

Cassandra DiCavalier thinks she has her life sorted out, when Damon Voight storms back in. Sexy and overprotective, yet with a soft side, this ex-military guy is every girl’s fantasy.

She already had the fantasy – ten years ago – and is not about to fall into the same trap. But despite her best efforts to keep the charming soldier at bay, she seems to be meeting him time and time again.

Cassandra is one tough cookie, and Damon is as stubborn as they come. Will they be able to find their love once again?

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My Thoughts…

Looking for a book with non-stop action spiked with romance? Look no further. This read had me hanging onto the edge of my seat. The author hooks us right from the beginning, bringing us full-circle through the flashback, and then back to the present tense. What also enhances the experience is the switch in POV. Often we view a love story from the female perspective, but here we get both sides, which adds a great deal of realism and emotion. This also allows plot details to unfold in a natural progression. Hats off to Whitewolf for her execution. The additional information that comes together at the end is satisfying, despite its convenience. And, the will they or won’t they get together is properly teased out. Even though you know the answer to that question, it’s fun to see it through.

The sexy factor kicks up in spots, which romance readers will thoroughly enjoy. In addition, it’s a novel that lets us escape everyday life and spend some time with a secret agent and an heiress. Unless you happen to be either of those, in which case, you’ll need to read something else for escapism’s sake. Hehe…

I highly recommend this book as an engrossing guilty-pleasure. Even if you predict some of the twists and turns, you’ll appreciate the ride. The heroine is not your damsel in distress, so there’s some girl power here, which I really liked. But, in the end, we are all vulnerable when it comes to love, which is one of the points of this novel. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though. Right?

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



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