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Book Review

Feel Me Fall- Jame Morris

Wow! What a riveting story! I couldn’t put this one down!

Feel Me Fall (Release Date: May 2017)

Secrets and survival in the Amazon

Emily Duran is the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her and her teenage friends stranded and alone in the jungles of the Amazon. Lost and losing hope, they struggle against the elements, and each other. With their familiar pecking order no longer in place, a new order emerges, filled with power struggles, betrayals, secrets and lies. Emily must explain why she’s the last left alive.

But can she carry the burden of the past?

Discover the gripping new adventure novel that explores who we are when no one is watching, and how far we’ll go in order to survive.

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My Thoughts…

This book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m a sucker for disaster and survival stories (probably why I love dystopian stuff so much), and this story ticked all the boxes for me.

At first, this book sort of made me think “Lord of the Flies” meets “Lost.” Then I realized it was closer to Lord of the Flies. Another hard-hitting tale of how fast human beings can devolve when stripped of civilization. Of course, it is its own tale and it is really good.

“Feel Me Fall” is told by the protagonist and only survivor of a plane crash and subsequent entrapment in the jungle. The plane was filled with senior students and teachers on their way to adventure. Unfortunately, it plummeted into the Amazon and only a handful of students survive the actual crash. They have to forge together despite their differences and try to survive the wilds of the jungle, and each other.

The writing is excellent and the plot and sub-plots are enthralling. I really enjoyed this book with its thrills, danger, and twists. I really can’t recommend this enough!

Regardless of having preferred genres, I think everyone should give this one a try.

Rating… A



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