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5 Life Lessons I Learned from Little Women

When Louisa May Alcott wrote her timeless classic, Little Women, it was a different world than we are accustomed to now. While there have been many changes, some things stay the same.

Throughout time, many traditions have come and gone. However, these 5 life lessons will endure forever.

Giving Heals the Spirit

The March sisters all have their selfish wants. Still, with little prompting from Marmee, their hearts were filled with gratitude when they shared their breakfast bounty with a family who had nothing. They found contentment with their charity, and karma paid them back tenfold when the lovely Laurie petitioned his grandfather to send them a feast.

Don’t Live Beyond Your Means

Which of us doesn’t remember when Meg spent an enormous sum of money to purchase fine silk to make herself a dress? This expensive fabric brought her nothing but great distress as her husband had to go without a new coat to offset the cost of the material. An excellent lesson that still plagues us today.

Live a Life of Love

Love is the resounding theme in Little Women. Everywhere you look, love is shown in abundance. The love of the whole March family is continuously repeated. Even when Jo and Amy have the great falling out, Jo realized that the love she had for her sister was more significant than the love of herself and her manuscript. Love wins out in the end.

Support Yourself

Meg works as a governess. Jo has her writing. Beth is musical, and Amy paints. These occupations allow the sisters the opportunity to care for themselves in the event of a tragedy.

Be Friends First

When the sisters are finding their mates, they take the time to befriend their suitors first to ensure proper matches. Jo, who by becoming friends with Laurie, knew that he wasn’t the one for her. Even Meg, who nearly rushed to the altar, found that her soon to be husband was the perfect match for her after becoming his friend.

These lessons were considered progressive in Alcott’s youth, yet each one is still relevant today. It is with the greatest urging that you pick up a copy for yourself, whether book or film.

Once you are finished, please share your thoughts and the life lessons you learn with us in the comments.

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    1. Thank you! I love this book and I went to the movie Christmas Day. Unfortunately, I got sick and had to leave halfway through so I didn’t get to see it all but what I did see was good. I agree with Shannon though, my favorite is the Winona Ryder version.

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