The Aeronauts – A #Review by Kimberly @mybookishbliss #Movies #TheAeronauts


The Aeronauts – A Review

  • Action/Adventure Movie
  • Produced as an Amazon Original and released on December 6, 2019 via the prime Video streaming service.
  • Starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones
  • Directed by Tom Harper
  • Written by James Thorne and Tom Harper
  • Rated PG-13 for peril and thematic elements
  • Rating 2/5 Stars

I want to be clear that I adore both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. These actors are the reason that I decided to watch the film, along with the fact that I generally enjoy action films.

Unfortunately, this movie is awful. The storyline is pure fiction and unrealistic while being marketed as being based on a true story. Notwithstanding, the film is dull as all get out.

The premise of the film is real. James Glaisher did indeed engage in the highest balloon flight of the age. Still, the character of Amelia Rennes is not. A gentleman by the name of Henry Coxwell was the other person aboard the balloon that day in 1862. Amelia doesn’t exist, and her backstory is a bit ludicrous on top of it.

Moreover, the film can’t figure out what the lead character’s last name is. Throughout the movie, she is called Amelia Rennes. This also what she is heralded as on the IMDB website synopsis. However, when you read the credits and the cast roll call list on IMDB, she is listed as Amelia Wren. Which is it? I mean, come on, Amazon! I expected better than this in a film with stars of this caliber.

Now, I will admit that the special effects are spectacular. There are moments when I was caught up in what little action there was. I may even have gasped a time or two. And, for that reason only, I award The Aeronauts 2 stars out of 5.

I was underwhelmed by a large margin. This story had so much potential yet was just another Hollywood letdown.


Kimberly AKA My Bookish Bliss


8 thoughts on “The Aeronauts – A #Review by Kimberly @mybookishbliss #Movies #TheAeronauts

  1. Jessica Belmont

    I 1000% agree with this review. I’m really upset about it because it was beautiful and I thought the balloon scenes were really entertaining…but the backstory stuff was a snooze fest, and I’m really mad about the “true” story not being true. Great review!

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  2. Jessica Belmont

    I agree. I thought the movie was pretty, and the balloon scenes were entertaining…but I was bored for the majority of the flashbacks. I didn’t research into it, but knowing it wasn’t a true story for the most part is even more bothersome, and makes me like it even less than the 2 stars I also rated it. Lol! Lovely review.

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