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Book Review


For the fans of bodice-ripping romances, I have Dreams of a Highlander: A Scottish time travel romance (Arch Through Time Book 1) by Katy Backer.


Darcy Greenway has no time for love. As a dedicated veterinarian her career and her patients come first. But since the death of her parents she’s been running, searching. She just doesn’t know what for.

On a much-needed vacation to Scotland she walks under a natural archway on the shore of a loch and finds herself catapulted into the sixteenth century…and right into the middle of a clan war.

Stranded in a world of danger and passion, Darcy finds herself drawn to Quinn MacFarlane, the brave Scottish warrior who swears to protect her. But Quinn has secrets of his own. Haunted by his failure to save his brother, his vow might be the very thing that keeps them apart. Because he’ll protect her from everyone – even himself.

With enemies closing in, Darcy must make a choice. Should she return home or should she risk her heart on her dream of a Highlander?

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Classic Review:

I can’t say I loved this book. I can’t say I hated it, either. It was okay, hence the 3 stars.

Let me tell you why.

The characters were well developed and true to themselves, often to a fault.

I like the secondary characters as well, as they were never intrusive in the story but still managed to have a reason to be there.

The plot was very nice, the way and reason why she went back in time made a lot more sense than other Time-travel stories. I liked that the reason was, plain and simple, put them together because the Fae knew there were soulmates destined to be together. There. No half-assed explanations, no maybe, no luck. I hate it when it’s luck. I also rather enjoyed how the good guys were tricked and, basically, bested in war tactics. Yes, they won. But still, the enemy managed to make a fool of them and that’s refreshing.

Now, things that left me frowning.

First, and times inconsistencies. No American (or so, so few of them) would say, “fancy a beer?”, or “queues”. No one in 1500 would use the word fan club.  And how could he know how to use a zipper?

Then, was how it was all too easy, as far as being accepted and welcomed as part of the family. Okay, the Laird’s brother brought her there. But she was a stranger wearing weird clothes and speaking differently. And an entire village didn’t bat an eye. I see it was played this way because it was her ‘destined’ and right place, but to me, it was a bit too much. It would have been okay even just having someone looking at her with a bit of distrust.

Another point is how quickly she choose to stay in the past.  Again, okay, she was supposed to be there. But she didn’t have such a crappy life in the future. She had friends and a job she loved. Of course, she chose him, but she thought it very briefly. Like, very briefly. I’m not a fan of characters that overthink things, but she gave up aspirin and modern medicine in half heartbeat. I’d have thought it a bit more thorough.

And the big one.

If the Fae hadn’t forced her to admit when she was from, would she ever have told him?

I mean, she agrees to marry the man, which is a big deal, but she didn’t feel like telling him this little detail about herself. She could have. It’s perfect pillow talk. Or the confession you have to make right after someone asks you to marry him. And when she did tell him, because the Fairy forced her, he took it pretty well. It played like this:

“I’m from the future.”

“Oh, okay, I thought you were weird. Okay, no prob.”

I mean. Underplayed, from both sides.

So, those reasons are why I don’t feel like giving the book more than 3 stars.

It’s still a nice read, though.


Viviana MacKade


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