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Hey Guys! I have a review for you that’s long overdue, but trust me, totally worth the wait!

Fates’ Fury (Publication Date: September 30th, 2019)

The last thing Jonah Sands expected on his thirtieth birthday was to have his life thrust into the hands of a dangerous, red-haired woman—or to be the only person in the world to survive an encounter with her.

As the death toll skyrockets, Jonah and his two best friends, the siblings Tristan and Ava Carter, find themselves at the epicentre of inexplicable phenomena—a stranded ferry transforms into a barge headed for the Underworld; young girls levitate to whisper ancient riddles; technology across the globe is controlled by some unseen hand. And it all seems to lead back to the woman with red hair. When a stranger finds them in the midst of a thunder storm and offers his otherworldly assistance, Jonah finally unravels the truth about who he really is. And what it means for the rest of humanity.

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My Thoughts…

There’s nothing I love more than a good “End of the World” story, but throw in ancient mythology and I am all over that!

That’s exactly what author, Liz Butcher has done with Fates’ Fury! It’s exciting, intense, and has non-stop action of mythical proportions (pun definitely intended)! I have always imagined the sisters of fate to be, well, to put it bluntly, pretty bitchy. I have never imagined them to be downright terrifying, but these girls are toe-curling, skin prickling scary, and they are out for blood!

There was so much packed into this story, and I loved it. I particularly enjoyed the blend of many different myths from all over the globe, and how well it all worked together. In addition to that, the writing was excellent and the pacing was perfect for this kind of book. Once you’re hooked, you’re not going anywhere!

Readers will love the larger-than-life characters, mayhem, and magic. I heartily recommend this book and urge you all to grab yourselves a copy if this is your type of story. Or even if it’s not!

*Kindle version is only $2.98

Rating… A



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