Cover Reveal!!! Into the Flames by Angelina Kerner @KernerAngelina #Books #CoverReveal


It’s finally finished after 7 years of hard work! You can PRE-ORDER NOW on Amazon!

Book Blurb:

A dead kingdom. A new life. Two crowns on the line.

When Omari turned nineteen, she started dreaming of a dangerous woman and dying men. At first she thought she was crazy but as dreams progressed, she realized she was dreaming of a past life- being Queen Alexandra of Heartdra. With a dying breath, Queen Alexandra promises to take revenge on the Betrayers but as Omari she promised to play the role of Princess of Phame for her aunt.

The Red Festival approaches and with it the Heart Games. She’ll play to kill the last betrayer and free the ghosts who roam the icy castle of Heardra. Will she get her happily ever after?

Coming Soon!


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