Blind Man’s Bluff by Ivy James #Review by Viviana MacKade @ViviMackade #Books #Romance ⭐⭐⭐

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It was okay.

And that gave me thoughts.

Mostly, because I enjoyed Ian’s path to accept blindness. Or, at the very least, live with it. I think it was well done, as I think the reasons to have Emma helping him are right considering they don’t live exactly downtown New York, where finding a therapist would be easy.


I liked her, although I’m not sure how much she was this positive for real, or she made herself be. You know, lemons and lemonade? If she pushed it a little, as sometimes I felt she was doing, is still understandable.

I don’t quite get why she’s attracted to, and later falls for, Ian. Okay, he’s hurt and mean with it (because, yeah), but his “neediness” seems like only thing they have in common.


I get him, although I feel like he pushed it too much, for too long. His arc was kind of static until ¾ of the story and then, all of a sudden, he let go. But, again, I get him as a character.

The plot.

It works. Nothing stood out, to me, as impossible. It flows.

So, why only 3 stars?

~ The soap opera revelations

The cheating within the family, the dad who knows, the lost son… A lot, where Emma and Ian’s story would have been enough. She could have taken on the younger guy in trouble, and have anything else following in the same way, without making it so dramatic. It felt un-needed. It doesn’t add anything to the story, and I wouldn’t have felt like something was lacking.

~ The easy way out with her miracle.

Sorry, but for me, miracle and the likes are a no. It’s too much of an easy way out for the author. Now, I appreciate her getting her sigh back because it brings more complications. It put a new spin on their relationship, definitely new problems. So, if I really liked that it happened, I didn’t like the explanation.  Why don’t say that the pressure was the problem form the beginning and find some reason why they couldn’t operate? Or something else (not a doc here). There’s hardly ever the need of a miracle.

~ The hurry at the end.

The story felt like proceeding in first gear for more than half, then it hurries with one turn after another. The last chapter and epilogue felt like a TV show blurb.

~ My biggest problem was the dialogue, how, sometimes, I knew I was being fed info. I can’t say it was not stilted. Exactly. But something took me off the story. Also, dialogue tags are not necessarily a bad thing when used well. Having characters calling the person they are talking to so that the reader doesn’t get lost is, in my opinion, worse.

~ Is he okay?

He went down the cellar. Okay. Then… what? Considering it that was his issue, maybe even more than blindness itself, the resolution was far from satisfying. A paragraph would have been enough, if it showed us him going back again with little to no trouble, or talking to whoever else about it.

The other reviews.

Per usual, here’s what I think about other, lower, reviews.

Emma doing all the things she does was not a problem. She didn’t do all in one day. She had schedules, and a routine that was full, but doable.

To me, Emma was even too good to the needy girl. I couldn’t stand her after the second time she talked.



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