Book Spotlight: Gratitude Journal: For Fun People by Yasmin Goldie #NonFiction #Books #Journaling

Hey Guys!

I Just wanted to share this little gem of a book with you all today! It’s a unique journal filled with quotes, and other funny promps, designed to get you to open yourself up and write down all of those thoughts and feelings rattling around your brain!


Gratitude Journal: For Fun People

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self-Help

Publication Date: April 2020

In the absence of an endorsement from that famous actor T. Hanks, let us turn to a scientific endorsement instead. It appears, just five minutes a day of feeling grateful can lead to an improved mood, better health and an all-round feeling of merriness. Feeling grateful does not mean hugging the cheese grater, it means adapting an attitude of gratitude which can help develop optimism, self-esteem and can even boost your career. Aim to write about three things a day that inspire gratefulness. Don’t worry if you run out of ideas. This book includes some open-ended sentences to guide your gratefulness practice. There are also quotes on every page; both inspirational and funny. So have fun with this and make your answers as deep, soppy, or hilarious as you want!

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2 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Gratitude Journal: For Fun People by Yasmin Goldie #NonFiction #Books #Journaling

  1. Sounds great. I strongly believe in thinking of three things from one’s day to be grateful for, before one goes to sleep. If it’s been a rubbish day, then having a roof, bed and safe water to drink will do – but usually nature (at the very least) provides something better.

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