Happy Pub Day to Candace Robinson🎉🎉🎉 Here it is, Dearest Clementine! @LiteraryDust #BookBirthday #BookRelease #BookBlogger

Dearest Clementine by Candace Robinson (Ebook)

WOW! This cover just screams MOOD and I adore it! I am so happy to share this new release with you all! I can’t wait to read it myself! 

For Theresa’s thoughts on Dearest Clementine, you can read her review here!

Dearest Clementine

Publication Day: Today 🎉🎉🎉

Genre: Short Story Collection/ Dark Fiction

Clementine has been taken by a creature of darkness.

Dorin is a fiend in love who must find Clementine before losing her forever.

While on his desperate search, Dorin pens eight dark and romantic monstrous tales, written only for Clementine. Each story serves a purpose, and that is, do monsters have the ability to love, too?

Dearest Clementine is a short story collection filled with dark romantic tales.

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Doesn’t this sound AMAZING?!!!! You can already hear the pitter patter of my black heart 🖤 Congratulations on the release of yet another amazing book Candace!

You can purchase this twisted collection of monstrous love letters on Amazon!


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