#Blogtober Continues: Neon Black by Jim Johanson #ShortStory #BookBlogger

Had to share this one again!

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This challenge is pretty tough, and it’s only October 4th!

I love my blog and I strive to post often, but I have to say, it’s very difficult finding the time to post EVERY DAY! It’s only the fourth day in, and though I’m enjoying it, I’m feeling the pressure!

Today, I want to share this short story with you, because quite frankly, it’s so beautifully written, it took my breath away. I suppose that’s a bit strange considering the subject matter, but great writing is great writing, and this author is an amazing writer!

Neon Black is an existential journey through a man’s past. A “Christmas Carol” sort of thing, where the MC undergoes surgery and is visited by his “ghosts”.

The Blurb:

A cynical, embittered man undergoes heart surgery following injury sustained in a terrorist attack. Under anesthesia, he dreams of bizarre confrontations with lovers from his…

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