Reads & Reels Turns 5: Where Has the Time Gone? #Blogiversary #BookBlog #Blogger

Reads & Reels is 5 years old today and I just can’t believe it! Stats ebb and flow, readers come and go and yet my life changing blog is still here! And it really has changed my life! 


I was home with a new baby, my daughter barely one and I had felt like my brain was turning into mush. Mom brain is real boys and girls, and even though I was still reading daily I felt like I needed something a little more engaging. My husband had been telling me to start a blog FOR YEARS, but I had never really had the time. I also had no idea where to start. 

Enter my original blog guru, the owner and creator of Booknista. She was holding a contest on her blog for guest bloggers. I decided to enter a piece. It was a listicle of my top 5 desert island reads. Well, she loved it so much she invited me to be a regular guest blogger, which turned into my own weekly column. I learned so much from my experience there and, from those first few posts. It wasn’t long before I took those skills and started my own blog!


Reads & Reels was a slow and steady process. My original posts are so cringe-worthy lol, and attracting readers was an arduous task. That said, I loved it! I loved writing and was really enjoying using my brain again. 

Two years into my blogging journey, I had started dreading my inevitable return to the workforce. I had been unbelievably lucky and had been able to stay at home with my daughter which is what worked for our family. Alas, she was going to be starting kindergarten soon enough and I DID NOT want to go back to my 9 to 5. 

I had been hosting events for blog tour companies, meeting amazing authors, bloggers, and other incredible people in our community, and I thought to myself, I could do this. I could plan book promo events. So, with 2 years to go before my tiny human was due to start school, I launched R&R Book Tours!

With a TON of hard work, research, and some brilliant author friends (Shout out to Didi Oviatt, Angie Dokos, Candace Robinson, and Angelina Kerner), we had a HUGE multi-book event that was a great success! After that, it was more hard work, word of mouth, and lots of luck. Today I am happy to report that my company has grown into a legit business with multiple events per week, a roster of kick-ass bloggers, and instagrammers, and way too much work for one person to handle.

The most important thing, I was able to achieve the ability to work from home, around my daughter’s schedule so I don’t miss a thing. Bonus? I absolutely love my job!

So yes, my blog that I neglect terribly because of a year long reading slump, but I still love and hope to devote more time and attention to, really did change my life in every way. My professional life owes everything to it, including my sanity. 

Happy 5th Blogiversary Reads & Reels! Here’s to 5 more! 

P.S. Big thanks to my supportive husband who pushed me to start in the first place!



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