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Welcome to the blog tour for Father & Sun by Ross Victory! Read on for an excerpt and more details about the book!

FrontFather & Sun

Publication Date: December 20th, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Some say family is everything. Some say family are just people we’re assigned to at birth.

Trey Amana, a forty-something, hardworking father of two, discovered his dad’s death five years ago on the day after Christmas. Although Trey has grieved and prioritized his health, holiday music and decorations trigger painful memories. To take the final step toward healing the loss while saving extra cash for his holiday-obsessed kids, Trey decides to close his late father’s storage unit once and for all.

Trey discovers a journal written during his father’s college years. His dad, Art, reveals an outrageous family secret driving Trey into a wormhole of suspicions. With family members en-route to Trey’s home, Trey is burdened by the need for answers while somehow producing a hospitable Christmas.

Father & Sun explores how secrets and well-meaning motivations from the past can have a counteractive generational impact.

Father & Sun contemplates life in the shadows or life standing on the Sun (owning one’s truth), speaking to the passing of the torch from father to son, what it means to be honorable, and the spiritual, emotional, and mental effect on heirs.

​Core topics: Family, Generational Curses

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“I enjoyed spending time with Avery and talking about his interpretations of the world, which was more than my dad had ever done for me. Avery had taken an interest in astronomy. He was curious about the rings of Saturn, obsessed with the moons of Jupiter. At least once a week, we would set up a camp in our backyard on a clear night and stargaze, imaging celestial objects light-years away.

One night, Avery asked me Where did grandpa go when he died. The best answer I had was that grandpa became a star. The sky was filled with people’s ancestors looking down on them and lighting the way for their lives. He would always be with us only if we remembered to look up.

Avery didn’t ask normal kid questions like Is Santa Claus real or Where do babies come from. Avery asked questions like Why do people use money and What is God.

Something about his eyes made me feel inadequate and acutely aware of my

imperfections. Like he instinctively knew I was bullshitting him. Instead of pushing him away, I tried to live with the discomfort and bring him in closer.”

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About the Author

Ross Victory Smile

Ross Victory is a singer/songwriter turned author from Southern California. After the back to back loss of his father and brother, Ross dove into self-discovery and healing practices, which reignited his passion for writing and music production. Ross uses his unique voice and social intersections to inspire and entertain listeners and readers through Urban Adult Contemporary music, and literature, with a focus on non-fiction and thematic novelettes and short stories.

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