R&R BOOK TOURS SUMMER SALE!!!! Instagram (Bookstagram) Book Tours for ONLY $99!!! @RRBookTours #RRBookTours #Books #BookTour

Hey Authors!

For a limited time, bookstagram (Instagram) tours will be on sale for ONLY $99!!!

You can even book early to take advantage of the sale price!!!!




Starts at $129: Special Price – $99 US inc.

Creative & unique photograph for sign up featured on R&R’s feed

Designated landing page on website created especially for your tour

Media kit provided to Bookstagrammers including, caption, relevant hashtags, book and author info, purchase links etc…

Author may provide additional graphics

A giveaway can be included, and is recommended for increased exposure and incentive

*Author is responsible for shipping physical copies to participants in a timely manner/ Must be sent 1.5 weeks in advance for review posts
*A minumum of two months notice is required to organize event



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