6 Movies to Watch with Terrifying Basements


Ironically enough, before getting the request to post this ad, I had just finished reading The Amityville Horror. I love this book and I liked both movie adaptations too!

6 Movies to Watch With Terrifying Basements

For many people, basements are one of the most terrifying parts of a house. After all, many people think of basements as being dingy, damp, and ill-kept. That means they’re the perfect place for a horror movie to go when it’s trying to scare you. If you want to indulge in some scary basement horror, here are six movies to consider.

1. Stir of Echoes – 2.0 Basement Evil Score

Stir of Echoes is a creepy movie that starts when someone moves into a home and realizes that their son is starting to experience visions of a girl’s murder. When the resident knocks a hole in the basement wall, he reveals the corpse of that girl. It’s an overall scary movie that’s even scarier surrounding the basement.

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 3.6 Basement Evil Score

This comedic horror movie is a classic, and it’s had a lasting impact on the punk rock fashion scene. The laboratory of Dr. Frank-N-Furter is part of the horror of the movie. The Medusa Transducer, which is in the basement, can turn people into statues.

3. Don’t Breathe – 5.4 Basement Evil Score

This home invasion horror with a twist focuses on the invaders rather than the person living in the home. That’s because the person living in the home may very well be the evilest one here, as the three burglars find a pregnant woman chained to the basement walls begging for help.

4. The Amityville Horror – 5.8 Basement Evil Score

The Amityville Horror is purportedly based on a real story, and the Long Island house has a history of horrific happenings. The basement is where the inhabitants of the home find the Red Room, a small hidden room that’s only four feet by five feet, painted red. The room wasn’t in the building plans, adding to the level of creepiness.

5. The People Under the Stairs – 8.5 Basement Evil Score

Although this movie is technically a horror-comedy, that doesn’t make the horror elements of the movie any less terrifying. After some people break into a home, they discover deformed cannibals in the basement. It turns out that these cannibals are actually children who were stolen from their parents and deteriorated into cannibalism to survive.

6. The Silence of the Lambs – 9.8 Basement Evil Score

The scariest basement on this list may very well be from The Silence of the Lambs. In this movie, the serial killer Buffalo Bill has a dry well in his basement. He kidnaps women, throws them down into the dry well, then starves them to make it easier for him to remove their skin.

Terrifying basements are a mainstay of horror. Regardless of whether you’re a sucker for horror movies or you need a dash of comedy to go along with any horror movie you watch, these terrifying basements are sure to stick with you. You can use this list of terrifying basements as a jumping-off point for your next horrifying movie night.

Which movie do you think has the most terrifying basement?


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