Reads & Reels is a casual forum designed to chat about movies, books and pop culture.  On it you will find book and movie reviews, recommendations, listicles, guest bloggers and so much more!

Our main goal is to share SPOILER FREE reviews, inform and have a little fun at the same time. If you live and breathe this kind of stuff like we do, welcome!

Happy reading and don’t forget the popcorn! 

The Team

Shanannigans:  Mom, wife, writer and all around fan girl. Lover of books, movies and zombies! I’m a little cheeky but lovable and if it has words on it, I’ll read it.

I also cover popular TV shows and an awesome array of pop culture stuff with a bunch of fabulous ladies at Booknista.

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Theresa Braun: Author, horror writer, ghost hunter and world traveller. Theresa is published in Under the Bed Magazine, in Hindered Souls and in The Horror Zine. You can also find her latest book, Dead Over Heels at most online retailers.

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      1. Will do! Two fellow bloggers have been providing amazing help on this first one. I feel bad as I am still learning it all and not sure what to ask them for. They have created two great graphics tho, so I am quite lucky with our next steps. Will be in touch in the future!

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  1. Hi and thanks for the recent follow! I love books and movies and comparing the two when they intersect. I’m always looking for a new book to read or movie to watch, so I’m looking forward to see your posts in my Reader! Happy reading and watching!

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