Mother’s Day

Mother's day idea? How about a movie marathon with your loved ones? Even if you aren't a mom this selection of movies will make for a really great lazy Sunday on the couch, but for Moms, Step-Moms, Grandmother's and mother-figures of all types...why not share a cozy afternoon with the people you love most and …

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The Infinite Sea

#AMREADING Hey there!  Just wanted to share this awesome series that I'm reading, with you. I loved The 5th Wave movie so much that I may have put the book series on top of my TBR pile (our little secret) and it is amazing! I am reading The Infinite Sea  right now and it is proving …

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Happy 4/20

I neither condone or endorse.  I have no opinion.  I am neutral on the issue, just to be clear call me Switzerland!  There that being said, here are some of the top stoner movies of all time. Happy 4/20 to those that do celebrate 😉

Summer Blockbusters & New Hot Reads

Well it's that time of year again folks! Time to start thinking about how you're going to while away those hazy days of summer. Whether you're sunning yourself on the beach or wanting to cool down in an air conditioned theater, I've got a whole bunch of new releases that will keep you entertained. Movie …

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