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Manuscript Critique Service

Thank you for considering using my Manuscript Critique Service for your project. Please note that this is not an editing service, I’m not an editor. I can recommend a very good editor if you’re looking for one.

How I do things:

Stage 1 – Submit your request to my email. With Subject line – In Need of your  Manuscript Critique Service. (gardeniascastle@gmail.com)

Stage 2 – We’ll talk about your manuscript and you’ll receive a price quotation.

Please do not submit a thriller or if your manuscript has zombies. I don’t read those type of books and therefore I wouldn’t be able to provide a good critique. 

Stage 3 – If you accept the price quotation,  I will provide you my PayPal link and you’ll send me the payment.

Stage 4 – The work begins!

What I’ll look for during the critique:

  • If whole passages and or scenes needs reworking
  • Issues…

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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day #valentinesday #romance #books #movies

Reads & Reels

Well it’s that time of year again! You know when Hallmark dictates that you should shower your lover with hearts and flowers. Well you could try a little something different this year and watch a movie with friends or your partner. If you prefer reading, you could snuggle up on your own or with a special someone and read together. I have put some obvious and maybe not so obvious titles together that will make for a great Valentine’s Day. 

Book Lovers

The Fault in Our Stars 

16 year old Hazel has cancer and at a support group she is forced to go to at the behest of her mother, she meets Augustus Waters a cancer survivor who’s upbeat and quirky personality draws Hazel out of herself and they quickly develop a deep love like no other.

The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful love story despite some…

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