Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special

For those of you who like myself, are not the "hearts and flowers" type, I chose a feature that has a unique spin on romance. My Valentine is very romantic and fond of big gestures. However, he knows his audience and though I love chocolate (any day of the year), I'm not overly sentimental. For …

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Cover Reveal: Mockingbird Comic #8

Popular Marvel comic Mockingbird issue #8 just dropped! Stranded on a sinking ship adrift in the Bermuda Triangle, Mockingbird must catch a killer intent on using her past to drive her mad…if the sea monsters, pirate zombies and Nazi sailor ghosts don’t get her first. Giant whirlpools! Time vortexes! Ex-boyfriends! Worst. Cruise. Ever. Published: October 19, …

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The Batman Aventures: Issue #12 “Day One” Meeting Harley Quinn

In issue #12 of the Batman Adventures series, Harley Quinn makes her comic book debut!