I’m Alive, Just Stunted Creatively: By a Shriveled Up Bookworm #BlogPost #amNOTwriting #amNOTreading

Long time no write - or read - or review - or anything really!

Books I Would Love to Read vs Books I Have to Read! @kitfrick @aniaahlborn @SarahDavisGoff @aileen_erin @tehlorkay #BookBlogger #TBR #Books #BookLovers

I know as book bloggers we all have two different TBRs, It's okay, you can admit it, we're all friends here. The first one is full of obligatory books, ie. submissions, blog tours, etc... But then we have TBR #2, the one that's just for us, with all the books we wish we had the time to read. You know what I'm talking about, the books we read for our own pleasure! Without further ado, here is a sample of my personal TBR!


YA Books Before they Were Cool: My Books Growing Up #YA #Books #Bookworm

A trip down memory lane, talking about YA books before they were ever classified as that. Cont...