Guest Post: Chelsea Cain’s “Man-Eaters” Vol. 1 #Review by Michael Miller @My_ComicRelief #GuestPost #Comics #GraphicNovel #BookBlogger

Hey guys! Please welcome one of my favourite bloggers to Reads & Reels! I'm so excited to have him here even though he's a fan of Marvel comics 😜 (DC forever!), because not only is he a friend, he also has an incredible blog, filled with insightful content about everything superhero. Movies, comics, graphic novels, you name it! You have to check it out! Today he is going to share this really frikin cool MUST READ comic with us, and I have to say, I'm more than keen to read this now! 


VOX by Christina Dalcher @CVDalcher #Review #Dystopian #MustRead #FallReading #FallTBR #TBR

I can't remember reading something so compelling and yet, so enraging at the same time. Perhaps, the first time I read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, I was equally inspired. VOX was different though. It felt more personal, more visceral...

All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg #CoverReveal #LiteraryFiction #WomensFiction

A look at Jami Attenberg's contemporary novel, All Grown Up. Cover Reveal Cont...

Cover Reveal: Mockingbird Comic #8

Popular Marvel comic Mockingbird issue #8 just dropped! Stranded on a sinking ship adrift in the Bermuda Triangle, Mockingbird must catch a killer intent on using her past to drive her mad…if the sea monsters, pirate zombies and Nazi sailor ghosts don’t get her first. Giant whirlpools! Time vortexes! Ex-boyfriends! Worst. Cruise. Ever. Published: October 19, …

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