5 Amazing Fantasy Reads If You Loved Shadow and Bone #GuestPost #ShadowandBone #FantasyBooks

I'm so happy to welcome Savannah back to Reads & Reels! I absolutely LOVE what she came up with for us, especially since I am still missing the show!

Guest Post: How To Create An Engaging Story World by Katherine Rundell @KatherineRunde2 #GuestPost #GuestBlog #Fantasy #Books #WritingTips

Today, we have a guest and she's written a very interesting piece on world building during the writing process! Perfect for any genre, especially Fantasy!

Guest Post: A Collection of the Best Graphic Novels of All Time by Ashley Halsey #GuestPost #GuestBlog #Blog

Happy New Year Guys! 

Let's hope the door kicks 2020 on its way out ammiright? 

Today we have a guest and I think you're really going to love her! She's all about graphic novels and if you ask me, we DO NOT cover them enough! Please welcome Ashley to Reads & Reels!

Most Interesting Horror Movies Based On Books With Terrifying Basements #Horror #GuestBlog #GuestPost #Movies #Books

Horror movies often draw their inspiration from books. It takes a lot of talent to make a book truly terrifying; without jumpscares and music scores to offer cheap thrills, books have to do a lot of work to horrify an audience. When a book horrifies, it’s much more likely for that book to end up with a movie deal. Out of this list of terrifying horror movies with scary basements, consider these, which were all based on books.

Just Dread-Full’s Feature “First Fright”: In a Dark, Dark Wood by Yours Truly #FridayFeature #Halloween #Blogtober #Guestpost #GuestBlog

Hey guys! I have the coolest post for you!

Today I have a guest post featured on a super cool blog called Just Dread-Full. It's a feature Kalie does that shares contributers' earliest scares or frightening experiences. Perfect for this time of year! 

#Author & Book Spotlight: The Sheer Nerve by Rob Lofthouse @EndeavourQuill @author_rob_76 #GuestPost #AmReading

Today I'm pleased to welcome author, Rob Lofthouse to Reads & Reels! He's going to tell us all about his new book, "The Sheer Nerve", an action-packed war thriller!