Guest Post: Quotes to Keep You Writing by #Author Hannah Lynn @HMLynnauthor #GuestPost #AmWriting

Reads & Reel is so pleased to welcome author Hannah Lynn!

Guest Post: Female Authors & Misogyny- Sometimes We Do it to Ourselves by Natasha Lane @natasha_lane1 #GuestPost #AmWriting #Authors

Natasha is back with another interesting commentary on misogyny in writing, but when female authors are guilty of it.

Guest Post: Reading Outside Your Identity and Why it Really Matters by @Natasha_Lane1 #guestpost #diversebooks #discussion #tuesdayblogs #diversity

Discussion: Reading Outside Our Identity... A topic that's sure to ruffle a few feathers but is important nonetheless! Here's what Natasha has to say about it.

Guest Post: 7 Signs You May be in an Abusive Book Relationship by Natasha D. Lane @Natasha_Lane1 #BookBoyfriends #GuestPost

Guest Post: Natasha is back with an interesting discussion piece about certain relationship dynamics between characters and readers.

Guest Post: Nice Guys Finish Last by Natasha Lane @natasha_lane1 #GuestPost #GuestBlogger #Romcom

Let's welcome back Natasha Lane! She's written another fab post about certain writing tropes. This time the ones found in the romcoms we all secretly love. Cont...

Alpha Males & Damsels in Distress: Does this Trope Have a Place in Modern Writing? (Guest Post) @natasha_lane1

Reads & Reels welcomes writer, Natasha Lane. Today she talks about alpha males, damsels in distress, and whether this trope has a place in modern romance?