Guest Blog: Stranger Things Review

Okay, I know I don't usually review TV, in fact that's my other gig over at Booknista.  However this is a very special exception and let's be honest here...Who didn't watch Stranger Things as an 8 hour movie? Please welcome guest blogger, Theresa Braun! She was kind enough to put on her reviewer hat and tell …

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Guest Blog: Borderline by Mishell Baker

Smart fantasy/mystery with raw, sympathetic characters: The Men in Black, but for mythical creatures.

Guest Blogger-Reads & Reels

Twilight for Grown-Up Women

I am so excited to welcome my very special guest blogger Book Babe from Booknista. Not only is she fabulous, she also happens to be an expert on Romantic Fantasy. I loved Twilight. LOVED it. I read the series maybe three times. I will probably drag it out and read it again. I even suffered through …

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