“All That Glitters is Not Gold” Get an Inside Look at the Darker Side of the Entertainment Industry and the Life of Samantha Hart in Blind Pony! @samanthahart @DeborahBrosseau @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours1 #BookBlitz #Giveaway #BlindPony

When your mother names you after your father’s affair, you might wish you were living someone else’s life. For Samantha Hart, growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania had been no childhood idyll but rather a violent, surreal nightmare. A twisted vision of pastoral life part Faulkner part Dante. At fourteen years old, she ran away in search of her father, a character she only knew as Wild Bill. Discovering he wasn’t the hero she dreamt he’d be, she was on her own. Arriving in Los Angeles at the peak of LA’s decadence where money, drugs, and good times flowed, she floated through a strange new world of champagne-soaked parties, high-stakes backgammon tournaments, and a whirlwind of international escapades flogging nude photographs. When a wealthy playboy mistakes her Pittsburgh accent for being British, it begins a spiral of white lies leading Sam to question everything she thought she knew about herself and who she could be.


Beautiful Mess by John Herrick: A 5 Star Read! @JohnHerrick #Review #MarilynMonroe #AmReading

My review of "Beautiful Mess" by John Herrick. A triple threat for me, and a true 5 star read! Cont...

neon demon review

Neon Demon (2016) #Review #Indie #Movies #Drama #Thriller

Review of indie horror(?) Neon Demon. Starring Elle Fanning and Jena Malone. Cont...

Tobacco Sun- Lorna Hollifield-Review

Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield #Review #HistoricalFiction #Mystery #Suspense #Books

Review of Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield. Genre: Historical Fiction/ Mystery/ Suspense. Cont...

Guest Post: Be Frank With Me By Julia Claiborne Johnson

Book Review Please welcome R.A. Kerr from Silver Screenings, a really cool blog about the golden age of film. We love having guests here, especially when it is another blogger. Fresh voices are always nice and I love introducing new things to my readers. Thanks for visiting R.A. and for sharing this book. You are welcome to …

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