Loves Me, He Loves Me Not By Lindy Dale

Book Review 

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not-Lindy Dale-Book Review

This funny tale about love in the workplace has been out for a few years (2011) but I’m new to the whole Contemporary Romance thing.

It’s true, I’m not usually a fan but there are exceptions to every rule and Loves Me, He Loves Me Not falls in that category. I guess that’s what I’m learning lately, the difference between cheesy romance and Contemporary Romance.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Flora’s idea of fun is a night at home catching up on reality TV. Comfortable with her organised little world where everything has its place, she can’t imagine a thing she’d change. And she doesn’t want to. She likes routine. She feels secure in the predictability of her life. Until she meets Luke at a dance class, that is. From the second she looks into his chocolate-brown eyes, her world is thrown into a spin. Flora finds herself so infatuated with Luke, it’s almost impossible to think straight.

Luke. Dark, smouldering and slightly standoffish. He doesn’t want drama and he certainly doesn’t want a relationship. All he wants to do is complete his three-month stint, get promoted and go back to Brisbane. Until Flora comes along. She’s not like any girl he’s ever met. He’s drawn to her quirky nature and vulnerability. He wants to protect her, teach her. Mostly, he just wants her, even though he knows he shouldn’t.

As soon as Flora and Luke set eyes on each other, its clear this attraction isn’t going to be easily ignored. Luke’s efforts to keep Flora at arm’s length leave her confused. She knows he wants her, he’s made that abundantly clear but for some reason he refuses to commit. And when Luke DOES reveal his reason for not wanting a relationship, Flora is faced with the kind of choice she’s been avoiding her entire life.

Should she take a chance on a man she knows is going to leave and risk getting her heart-broken or continue her boring, no complications life?

Loves Me, He Loves Me Not-Lindy Dale-Monica Geller

My Thoughts

Very cute! One of the things I love about contemporary British writers, is how dry the humor is. This book takes place in Australia so the language is very similar– likewise, the tone and humor. Flora is anal retentive in the extreme but she makes no apologies for it. She is sarcastic, funny and very set in her “OCD” ways. That is until she meets Luke, of course. What I like about this book is that it’s not about a woman changing herself for a man. Luke is merely the catalyst for the big personality changes Flora undergoes. Her personality quirks come from deep-rooted “Mommy” issues and her feelings for Luke and vice versa, gives her a sense of comfort she’s never felt before, enabling her to be her best self.

The supporting cast of characters (namely Flora’s posse) are hilarious in their own ways. They have their own quirks and problems which I love. I hate when secondary characters are props for the protagonists, two-dimensional things for the main character to “talk” at. Definitely not the case in Loves Me, He loves Me Not.

In addition to smart and witty dialogue, the writing is fantastic. Punchy and dry just how I like it. Lastly, there is a completely unexpected twist that adds a hint of danger to the story. Well done Lindy Dale! This is the first of her novels that I have read but I look forward to checking out the rest of her books.





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