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The Girl Next Door By Jack Ketchum (Review By Theresa)

Book Review


The Girl Next Door in not a recent release. It came out in 1989…

but I feel it stands the test of time and is to date one of the most disturbing and well-written horror novels I’ve read. I even earmarked pages where I want to go back and admire the author’s craft.  Continue reading “The Girl Next Door By Jack Ketchum (Review By Theresa)”

Featured Bridget Jones's Baby-Review

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Movie Review


This movie shouldn’t exist and yet here it is and it makes me so sad.

If you follow the sequence of books by author, Helen Fielding, then you know that Bridget does end up with children (Mark Darcy’s children) and there was no question of paternity. In fact, at the end of the sequel to the enormously popular novel about our beloved singleton, Mr. Darcy and Bridget go on to get married and live ever after (happily for a long time).

Though it pains me to say anything negative about one of my favourite literary and film characters, this movie is a sad addition to the “family”.  Continue reading “Bridget Jones’s Baby”

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Book Trailer: Age of Order By Julian North


Wow! Age of Order sounds amazing and has my name all over it!

Age of Order is a novel that explores the meaning of merit and inequality. Fans of the Red Queen, Divergent and Red Rising will enjoy this world of secrets and deadly intrigue, where the downtrodden must fight for a better future.

Book Trailer

Continue reading “Book Trailer: Age of Order By Julian North”

Featured Eternal Darkness Blog Tour

Review & Giveaway: Eternal Darkness By JF Johns

Book Review

Eternal Darkness Review

I love hosting authors during blog tours! You get to read the most amazing books.

Books you may not have discovered on your own through the usual means. Eternal Darkness by J.F. Johns, is a perfect example. Dystopian sci-fi is one my favourite genres but lately I haven’t had a lot of time for personal reading. Then this fabulous novel falls in my lap, and I feel like I picked it out just for me.  Continue reading “Review & Giveaway: Eternal Darkness By JF Johns”

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Underworld: Blood Wars

Movie Review


I don’t know what’s more incredible. The fact the Underworld franchise finally produced another film as good or better than the original, or that Kate Beckinsale continues to kick ass in that latex jumpsuit after all these years.

Underworld: Blood Wars is the 5th and most likely last installment in the franchise and it is arguably the best one. After the last two films, both of which were “kind of meh” and one of them didn’t even have Selene, Blood Wars really surprised me.  Continue reading “Underworld: Blood Wars”

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Book News: Thief By Erin Bedford

Theif-Fairy Tale Bad Boys-Erin Bedford

Hot off the presses! Fairy Tale Bad Boys’ Thief, by Erin Bedford is available now!

Tell me… Does this look like the Rumplestiltskin of lore? No wonder he doesn’t have any problem getting people to agree to iron-clad deals! There are three books in this series but each one can be read as a standalone.Warning: Mature, adult and steamy content.
Continue reading “Book News: Thief By Erin Bedford”

Featured Until Dawn-PS4-Game Review

Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn-PS4-Game Review

Until Dawn is changing the way we look at modern gaming and it’s also scary as Hell!

Totally going out on a limb and trying something new. Yes I’m reviewing a video game. (Applaud Now) In a house full of gamers (myself included) it’s only natural that at some point a game would be so special, so different, that I would want to write about it. Continue reading “Until Dawn (PS4)”

Book Blitz: The Courtyard Corpse By Sherry Lodge

Book Blitz-The Courtyard Corpse-Sherry Lodge

Time for a new book blitz! This week, a cozy mystery called The Courtyard Corpse by Sherry Lodge.

When concierge sleuth Cassie Hall discovers the dead body of a professional golfer, and resident millionaire, Kip Ace in the crab apple tree courtyard, Cassie finds the residents’ demands are the least of her worries.

Continue reading “Book Blitz: The Courtyard Corpse By Sherry Lodge”