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I have seen this author's books everywhere but until now, I haven't had a chance to read one of her highly praised thrillers. I have especially wanted to read this one and when I discovered I had loads of Kobo points to redeem (I have been spending loads on books lately but points don't count), I snatched it up. Wow, am I ever glad I did!


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Hey Authors & Novelists!   I like to welcome every season with a promotion for you guys, so this summer I am offering my larger Blog Tour package for only $99 and Book Blitzes for only $50! Pretty great right?! If you're thinking of promoting your new book or even an older publication, let me know and we can show your book the love it deserves!


Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit– Whatever You Call It, I’m Loving It Right Now! (Mini Reviews) #AmReading #Contemporary #SummerReading #BookHaul

What's the difference between "Women's Fiction" and "Chick-Lit" anyway? I suppose Chick-Lit has a negative connotation (Um hello? Chick?) and it's also a bit fluffy and shallow at times. But it's also fun. A harmless guilty pleasure. Was the term "Women's Fiction" coined because of that rep, or is it something entirely different?

Why you should reduce your screen time and READ fiction !!!



We knew that right? No matter what age you are, it seems that both young, old, and everyone in between are getting more and more addicted to their screens.  Computers, televisions, tablets, and phones, if used excessively, can damage your eyes and your overall health AND they are detrimental to the quality of your much needed sleep.

Reading on the other hand is a healthy activity!  Reading physical books, or ebooks via an eReader (Kindle, Kobo, etc.) with e-ink technology is good for your physical well being.

Abigail Fagan has listed six scientific reasons you should be picking up more books:

  1. Reading reduces stress. Reading a book or newspaper for just six minutes lowered people’s stress levels by 68 %—a stronger effect than going for a walk (42 %), drinking a cup of tea or coffee (54 %), or listening to music (61 %).
  2. Reading can lengthen your life span.

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Blog Tour Sign Up: The Harbinger by Candace Wondrak @CandaceWondrak (Nov. 5th to Nov. 9th) Genre: #Fantasy/ Reverse Harem #BlogTour #ReverseHarem #BookBloggers #Bloggers

I'm organizing a blog tour for the launch of Candace Wondrak's new book The Harbinger. The tour runs from November 5th to the 9th. Review posts will take priority but there will be promo spots, guest posts, and the author is available for interviews. There will also be a giveaway. The prize is a $10 Amazon gift card and a digital copy of book #2 The Fellowship.