A Series For Sunday Meme: Pestilence By Craig A. McDonald


I’m creating a meme for the first time. I figure Sundays are usually quiet so it’s a good time for “A Series for Sunday”

Basically it’s an opportunity to share a series you’re reading or have read, talk about the merits of a standalone vs a series, or introduce a series that perhaps isn’t so mainstream, but it’s really good. That sort of thing. Today I am going to share the Pestilence trilogy with you. 

Pestilence: The Infection Begins (Book One)

The worst influenza outbreak since 1918 & it’s headed for the United Sates.
The infected exhibit a thirst for blood within in hours of becoming exposed.
Rumor has it this ‘Pestilence’ is a manufactured plot to make billions through vaccines.

Could it be true and can anything be done to save the USA – the world?
CDC officer Grace Delaney heads a team despatched to Des Moines to begin the first round
of vaccinations: but not all is at it appears. Evidence points to deliberate interference,
perhaps manipulation, by the vaccine manufacturer – which couldn’t have happened without
assistance from government. As the infected turn into blood thirsty cannibals the
question is; can the virus be contained before it spreads across the country?

Pestilence: The Infection Begins volume 1 in a 3 book series.


Hmmm a plague series? I’m sold!

Just kidding! While I do enjoy them, they actually have to be well-written and unique in some way. Pestilence doesn’t have the most original premise but I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and I like that the virus or “pestilence” is almost vampiric in nature as oppose to the usual zombie plague. I also like the”Big Pharma” angle.

The book as a whole is okay. Entertaining enough to keep reading but there is a slight cheese odour that keeps it from being really good. The writing is good and there is plenty of gore but there are things thrown in that are ill-placed or unnecessary.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be spending any more time on this series. While I liked Pestilence, it wasn’t good enough. It’s a shame because I really liked the premise.

On to the next one!

Just because I didn’t like it enough to continue the series, doesn’t mean you won’t. If this you brand of horror check it out! It’s worth it 😉






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