Between Life and Death By Ann Christy

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Between Life and Death-Ann Christy-Book Review-Reads & Reels

Between Life and Death is the final book in the Between Life and Death Trilogy! I spent all weekend binge reading this series! (Warning: Possible spoilers for those who have not read books #1 & #2)

It seems like all I talk about these days are these gruesome and wonderful books. I recently reviewed The In-Betweener (book #1) for my mistress site Booknista, and I was hooked immediately. What started out as a standard review, quickly became a passionate book series fling that I am still suffering withdrawals from.

Between Life and Death-Girl Reading

The Story…

As the endless, stifling summer bakes what’s left of the deaders.Veronica waits in limbo for news that might bring an end to their nightmarish existence.

Between killing deaders and scavenging, it’s all she can do to keep going. In the warehouse complex that has become their home, the group takes turn keeping watch over their specimens (in-betweeners). And Emily…always Emily.

Finally Veronica finds a package left by Princeton and Violet at their pre-arranged drop-off point and a cure might be within their reach after all this time.

Alas, nothing is that simple in their new world, where the dead keep living and the living barely survive. Not everyone wants a cure for the nanite plague. In fact, there is a mysterious group hell-bent on annihilating anyone infected with the nanites, even the survivors.

My Thoughts…

It’s pretty obvious that I loved it. I loved the whole series. The final book did catch me by surprise however, because I couldn’t have predicted that ending. I kept waiting for Emily to pick up where she left off, but it’s really Veronica who the story focuses on, which is fine because she is a great character. Feisty, brave and fiercely loyal to the people she loves.

Between Life and Death is rife with action, depth, spirit and of course gore. Lot’s and lot’s of gore!  Ann Christy is a fine story-teller. She weaves a rich and layered tale that captivates you. You can’t help but become an uber fan. Like me, after The In-Betweener, I guarantee you will want to snap up the rest of the series. Here’s a secret… The In-Betweener is free right now and the rest of the series is a bargain.  Seriously, what more can you ask for?

If the end of the world is your cup of tea, you will love this book and the rest of the series. That is if your brain hasn’t been taken over by your need for flesh and metal, of course.

I really look forward to reading more from Ann! Bonus: There will be origin stories for the main characters like The Book of Sam,which was released last year.




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