Yay! Over 400 Followers! #Thanks #Giveaway #AmReading #AmWriting #Gratitude

Β 400 WordPress Followers


Wow! It is truly amazing to me that in just a few short months I have accumulated more followers than all of last year! And that, is thanks to you guys! You lovely reader, you πŸ˜‰

To say thanks, we’re hosting a week-long giveaway! I’m sure we could all put a $15 Amazon gift card to good use.

This is open to everyone! Current friends and new, so feel free to share the love!

Thanks again my friends! Reads & Reels would be nothing without you!

ClickΒ HEREΒ to enter!

Shanannigans XO


Note: Draw is open after midnight today and is open to all countries that have Amazon

42 thoughts on “Yay! Over 400 Followers! #Thanks #Giveaway #AmReading #AmWriting #Gratitude

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