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A bit of a change for me, but change is good and so is this book!

Tobacco Sun (Release Date: June 13th)

The year is 1947. The war is over, Jackie Robinson has just integrated baseball, and Frank Sinatra breezes in over the fuzzy airwaves. A sense of relief is finally sweeping the nation…everywhere except Tobaccoville, North Carolina.

Beyond the rural fields that are pregnant with decades of secrets, a mysterious Hollywood pin-up is jailed for murder while her facially birthmarked half-sister may hold the answers as to why.

The two girls, estranged for years, share a haunting past, a shell-shocked love interest, and maybe even a cruel destiny. Through mountains of lies, the truth that inevitably comes pouring out of the tobacco leaves will come to light. Will this light reveal the path to the siblings’ foreordained destruction, or their long-awaited deliverance? Will they realize they each hold the power to set the other free before it’s too late?

A story of heritage, hurt, and somehow, hope; Tobacco Sun keeps you on the edge of your seat while you find yourself rooting for redemption.

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My Thoughts…

I really liked this one! The writing was a tad over the top for me, but I loved the story!

You have this gorgeous movie star, seemingly perfect in every way, with a life one can only dream about, and a sister left behind (literally in the dust). A sister left to deal with their dark secrets, and a painful legacy.

Having no plans to ever return to the sun-soaked tobacco belt, tragedy strikes and Sydra is forced to leave the lights of Hollywood and return to her hometown. She must face the sister she abandoned, and a shared past that perhaps she doesn’t remember as well as she thought. While there, Sydra murders someone close to them, and even though she confesses, the case isn’t as open-shut as it appears.

Tobacco Sun is a fantastic page-turner. The writing is rich in detail and the plot is gripping. I was hooked right from the beginning. Mainly because the characters are fascinating. The relationship between sisters is a study in psychology. It’s rife with turmoil, jealousy, and contempt, but there is also love. Love that makes them both do things they never could have imagined.

I don’t often read this genre, but I quite enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

Rating… A


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About the Author


Lorna Hollifield was born in Asheville, North Carolina, but now enjoys the island life outside of Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, Kimsey, and two mutts, Scarlet and Daisy.

She’s been an author from the time she could speak, always spinning yarns for anyone who would listen. She began her professional writing journey as a tourism and travel blogger, before finally deciding to pursue her dream of publishing fiction. Tobacco Sun is her first novel, and she’s delighted to share it with the world!

Lorna also enjoys serving the South Carolina Writers Association, and loves speaking about her craft at literary conferences and community events (especially charitable ones).

When Lorna isn’t writing fiction, she enjoys blogging about writable women at!

Lorna Hollifield | Twitter – @AuthorLornaH | Facebook

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