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Happy Monday guys! Trying to stay on top of my miles long TBR, so here’s my latest book review!

Not All Migrate

Publication Date: June 4th, 2019

Mark Hansberg has lost everything. After his wife and children are killed in a horrific car crash, the authorities begin acting suspiciously. Depressed and desperate for answers, he takes it upon himself to investigate a mysterious local drug called Rapture. He’s thrust into a world of lies, violence, and conspiracy—none of which this insurance salesman is equipped for. He meets and befriends a variety of addicts from all walks of life and, eventually, becomes one himself. It’s not long before Mark is lost in the gritty world that took his wife’s life.

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Warning: Triggers *Like any trigger you can think of, this book has them!

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My Thoughts…

This is a very difficult book to read. As I mentioned above, this book contains just about every kind of trigger you can think off with the exception of any involving children. I feel like I need to give readers fair warning because this book is NOT for everyone. Especially those faint of heart.

Okay that all said, let’s get into it.

Not All Migrate is incredibly disturbing, very heavy, and at times, downright disgusting! It’s also brilliantly written, enthralling, and the most realistic depiction of grief, drug addiction, and depravity that I have ever read. The only things close in my opinion, are two films, Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream. Both brilliant and both just as equally effed up!

Let’s be honest, some readers will not be able to handle this book, but if you have a strong stomach and the ability to put on you objectivity glasses, you will find yourself deeply immersed in the mind of a hardcore addict, and it is fascinating.

The author does a superb job putting us in scenarios we wouldn’t want to enter in our worst nightmares, and does so with great skill.

Go on and have a read, if you can handle it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rating… B 


About the Author


Krystyna Byers tells stories that reflect the human condition: Emotion over logic. Passion moves the characters she creates, just like it moves her in her own life. Her reckless youth and constantly dramatic personal life serve as vital wellsprings for her creative work-living in these worlds has taught her that anything can happen, and often does. She wants readers to get a little bit of everything out of Not All Migrate. While grief and sadness loom over every page, there is also prevailing beauty and reasons to laugh. When she’s not writing, Krystyna works in the film and television industry. She’s an avid fan of jazz and vodka, and enjoys both at her condo in Toronto, Canada where she lives with Richard and Oliver, her two cats.

Krystyna Byers




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