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Book Review


Look at this cover and tell me you wouldn’t have been intrigued as well?

This is the first book I’ve read written soley by Gerardo Delgadillo and it won’t be the last. I did read his joint book with Candace Robinson Bacon Pie however, and completely recommend it. You can read that review here.


Expected Publication Date: July 9th, 2019

After moving to Mexico with her parents, Winter Gutan had been hoping the local alternative medicine doctor would cure her mother’s illness. When her mother does not survive his controversial treatments, Winter’s life spirals in despair. Her father, a software engineer, insists his computer program, Fractalistic, will enable them to communicate with her mother’s spirit. But as his sanity begins to slip, Winter confides in her friend Rafa, a computer wizard, who tells her he’s found information about using fractal technology to treat false memories—nothing paranormal about it, leaving Winter confused and without hope. Will she lose her mother forever?

Suspecting her dad is hiding a deep secret, Winter runs Fractalistic behind his back, unveiling a sea of computer-generated imagery swirling on the screen. Her mother appears to her…begging for help! But is this all just Winter’s imagination?

Fractalistic may enable Winter to communicate with her deceased mother, but it might also unleash more mysterious memories buried within Winter’s mind. To figure it all out, Winter must hack into her father’s system to uncover a horrifying truth…or remain in the dark forever.

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My Thoughts…

The first thing I’m going to write about, is how much I love that this book takes place in a small town in Mexico. I think I may have mentioned before that my husband, and therefore my kids, are Mexican, so the country and culture hold a very special place in my heart. Now knowing that all of Gerardo’s books take place there, means I definitely want to read more. Also, this book is fantastic– fàcilmente cinco de cinco estrellas.

This story is a bit hard to catagorize. It’s easy to call it contemporary YA, but just one look at this beautiful cover reveals to the reader that there maybe spiritual or Sci-Fi elements as well, and they would be correct. There’s also a very sweet romance between our main character and a handsome young soccer player added into the mix too. See, it’s impossible to fit Fractalistic into one genre, and that is what makes it so special.

Additionally, the story is tragic but beautiful, and there is a very strong lesson here about mental illess and the unbearable grief it can bring to families. Any time an author highlights important issues in fiction, they get extra brownie points from me.

But it’s not all sad, there is a mystery to be solved, friendships are formed, and a family torn apart is brought together again. All against the backdrop of a small Mexican town, both the beautiful parts and the ugly.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think it would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s Summer reading list.

Rating… A+

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Gerardo Delgadillo


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